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The best cream for my skin

The best cream for my skin

The best cream for my skin

A (day)cream should not be left out in your daily skin care. LOOkX developed creams for different skin types. The ingredients work deep in the dermis for fast skin improving results. Find out which cream suits you best:

1. I have a (rosacea) sensitive skin and/or my skin is not used to high rates of active ingredients
I need a cream that:
- soothes
- reduces redness
- balances my skin
- restores and protects my skin
LOOkX Balance cream
Tip: for best results, use the LOOkX Balance cream combined with the LOOkX Balance oil.

2. I have dry and/or dehydrated skin, I suffer from dry lines and/or tight skin
I need a cream that:
- restores the moisture balance
- hydrates skin cells
- protects DNA
- protects my skin against effects of ageing
LOOkX Moisture daycream
Tip: use the LOOkX Moisture daycream combined with a LOOkX face oil for best results.

3. I have a combinad/oily skin, I suffer from shiny areas and/or inflammations
I need a cream that:
- normalizes sebum production
- mattifies shiny areas
- moisturizes
- prevents inflammations
LOOkX Solution cream
Tip: use the LOOkX Pore minimiser before you apply the LOOkX Solution cream for optimal results.

4. I want to prevent skin ageing and damage to the skin
I need a cream that:
- provides a firm structure to my skin
- leaves a smooth, radiant complexion
- reduces fine lines
- makes my skin softer, smoother and more supple
LOOkX Youth defense cream
Tip: Use the LOOkX Youth defense cream combined with the LOOkX Time stop oil and/or the LOOkX Skin multitasker to increase the effect.

5. I want to fight the early signs of skin ageing
I need a cream that:
- reduces wrinkles and firms the facial contours
- repairs the skin’s own processes at the end of the day
- hydrates intensively
- protects my DNA
LOOkX Time stop cream
Tip: apply a LOOkX serum or face oil before applying the LOOkX Time stop cream.

6. I want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines
I need a cream that:
- lifts, firms and adds volume
- repairs sun damage
- soothes my skin
- leaves a smooth, radiant complexion
LOOkX Retinol 2ndG cream
Tip: retinol makes the skin more sensitive to UV-radiation. Use a sun protector, for example the LOOkX Sun fluid SPF30. For a dual anti-ageing effect, use the LOOkX Retinol 2ndG serum and/or the LOOkX Time stop oil before you apply the LOOkX Retinol 2ndG cream.

Always go to the beautician if you are not sure about your skin type. They recommend a suitable treatment to make your skin healthy and radiant.