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The functions of the skin

The functions of the skin

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body. Did you know your skin has a lot of functions? We have collected the five most important functions according to the information of the ‘Huidhuis’:

The cells of the outer layer of your skin, the epidermis, are constantly renewing themselves and the dead skin cells will fall off.
Tip: You can gently remove the dead skin cells with the LOOkX Vitamin cocktail scrub or the LOOkX Derma skin polish pads.

Your skin is like a protective barrier, it´s your shield against any ´invader´. The skin has a few protective functions:

  1. Against bacteria, viruses and mold
    The epidermis prevents most bacteria, viruses and mold from entering the body. There are also a lot of bacteria and molds that prevent pathogens from growing on your skin.
    Tip: Our LOOkX Solution cream prevents your skin from inflammation and infections,  and has antibacterial features. 

  2. Against radiation
    The pigmentation of your skin protects you against damage caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. Your skin is a protective layer for the cells which absorb the radiation.
    Tip: You could help your skin by using a product with SPF. LOOkX Sun fluid with SPF 30 can be applied daily and gives protection against the damaging effects of sunlight and other external factors.

  3. Against damage
    Your skin contains a lot of elastic fibers, these fibers will return your skin to its original shape after external influences deform it.
    Tip: The LOOkX Retinol2ndG range stimulates the production of collagen in the deeper layers and protects the existing collagen against damage.

  4. Against dehydration
    The skin provides a layer to keep enough water and salt in your body, it creates a perfect balance.
    Tip: Help your skin by using the LOOkX Moisture range, the ideal solution for dry, dehydrated skin with innovative stem cell therapy products that work at the cellular level.

The dermis also controls your body temperature. When your body is too hot, it responds by increasing the blood flow to the skin, which stimulates sweating. This process will cool your body temperature down.

When your body is too cold, the hairs on the skin will stand up and the blood flow to the skin reduce, which will decrease sweating to turn your body temperature back to normal.

Energy storage
The deepest layer of our skin, the subcutaneous tissue, mainly consists of fat. Fat is an important energy source for our body.
Tip: Damaged cells are repaired and maximum hydration is promoted inside the cell, by using the LOOkX H2O Lift face mask. This increases the skin’s moisture level as well as boosting the energy level of each cell.

Your skin is visible for everybody and you can express yourself with it to the outside world. At first sight, most people judge each other based on appearance, that’s why the lives of people with skin diseases can be negatively affected.
Tip: The purifying and calming formula of the LOOkX Balance cream is full of biotechnological ingredients to balance the skin, enabling it to carry out its natural functions.