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LOOkX Make-up is created in our Italian laboratories using natural and caring acti­ve ingredients. These ingredients allow the skin to breathe and support all skin’s functions. 

Our long lasting formulas guarantee a fresh, radiating look throughout the day. It goes wit­hout saying that our makeup is free of animal products* and has not been tested on animals. Most of our products are fragrance-free as well or contain an allergen-free fragrance. All LOOkX products are skin friendly and can be used on sensitive skin. 

*with the exception of lanolin (wool fat) and beeswax (wax honeycomb)




Micro pigments

These microscopically small, luxury pearlets lend the skin a wonderful sheen and lustre. Because of their ultrafine texture, they adhere to the skin very well, preventing the formula to settle into fine lines or the crease. 


Vitamins and moisturizers

Vitamins provide optimum skincare and protect skin against external influences. Vitamin A, E and C are used in highly active percentages in all LOOkX Make-up products, together with other caring and moisturizing ingredients known for their hydrating and softening effect on the skin.

Minerals and gems

Guarantee an unique adhesiveness, to make sure your makeup will last all day.

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