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Science, innovation and trendy textures combined with the beauty and power of nature. We use a lot of science and a lot of skin technological expertise from the best laboratory in Europe (Switzerland), with high active proportions of ingredients.


Biotechnological active ingredients

Active biotechnological substances are original natural ingredients which have been processed in the laboratory. Because the ingredients are processed, the effectiveness of these ingredients can be increased by a factor fifty. The goal is to create an active substance that is identical to skin and gets a quick and positive reaction from the skin. Biotechnological active ingredients are often skin identical and therefore well tolerated by the skin. LOOkX gets its ingredients exclusively from the best laboratories. One of them is the prestigious Penthapharm in Switzerland, which has developed biotechnological active ingredients for the global pharmaceutical industry for many years.






To introduce these special ingredients correctly into the skin, all LOOkX products contain peptides. Peptides are the conductors of active ingredients in the skin. A peptide is a molecule that consists of a short chain of amino acids.

Plant stem cells

LOOkX Skincare uses different kinds of plant stem cells in its products, such as tomatoe, grape, raspberry and Ficucell (cactus fig). These cells exist in every plant and obtain the unique quality that they can renew themselves. Within the skin they work in different ways and can be used for multiple purposes. For example, they protect the skin's own adult stem cells by holding their environment in optimal condition. LOOkX Skincare uses high concentration plant stem cells, that makes them extremely effective in performing their part. Peptides are often added to allow an even deeper skin penetration.

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