Shop your essentials at a discount during the Lucky LOOkX Days!

22 May 2024 - Makeup , Skincare
Shop your essentials at a discount during the Lucky LOOkX Days! 

Get ready to make yourself shine with the Lucky LOOkX Days! From May 23rd to May 25th, you can enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on the entire range*. This is your chance to indulge in beautiful products that will prepare you perfectly for the summer. To help you get started, we've highlighted five summer favorites that you can't miss out on: 

1. LOOkX Refresh lotion 

For a fresh start to your daily skincare routine, there's the LOOkX Refresh lotion. This product is not just a toner but a smart hybrid that cleanses, hydrates, and restores and soothes the skin. It removes the last traces of dirt and dead skin cells after your cleansing ritual, while the gentle formula hydrates and soothes your skin. Additionally, it neutralizes the pH value, which is especially beneficial after a peel. The Refresh lotion can also be used as a cooling spray on a hot summer day. 

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2. LOOkX Sun multi protection SPF50 

Protect, restore, and boost your skin with LOOkX Sun multi protection SPF50. This innovative sun protection offers a smooth shield against UVA and UVB rays and photoaging. The light, fresh texture instantly blends with your skin and feels invisible. The formula protects, deeply hydrates, and repairs, while the tan accelerator stimulates natural melanin production for a quick, beautiful tan. Enjoy the sun worry-free with LOOkX Sun multi protection SPF50 and an extra boost for a beautiful complexion.

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3. LOOkX Sun protector powder 

Choose LOOkX Sun protector powder Duo for a healthy, golden glow and necessary UV protection all summer long. This beautiful powder with gold pigments immediately protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation, while also mattifying and softening the skin. And like other LOOkX products, this is also a clean beauty product, suitable for all skin types, with natural ingredients and free from harmful substances and animal testing. 

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4. LOOkX Vitamin C intense peel 

Are you looking for superior exfoliation and a free radical scavenger in one? Are you looking for a product for smooth and cared-for skin this summer? Then use the LOOkX Vitamin C intense peel. This intensive scrub cleanses and renews the skin, resulting in a radiant complexion and a silky texture. With ingredients like vitamin C, lactic acid, and shea butter, this peel provides immediate results and powerful care for all skin types, except very sensitive skin. 

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5. LOOkX O2 Relax eye & face mask 

In the summer, our skin often undergoes stress due to exposure to the sun, heat, and pollution, which can result in dehydration, redness, and premature aging. The LOOkX O2 Relax eye & face mask is therefore an ideal companion for the summer, as it not only intensely hydrates but also calms and refreshes the skin. With ingredients like merlot grape extract, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol B5, this mask provides intensive care for all skin types, with immediate results and long-lasting benefits. 

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Don't miss this chance to treat yourself or someone else to these summer must-haves during the Lucky LOOkX Days! Take advantage of a 20% discount on the entire range* and shine throughout the summer with our everworking products. Hurry and shop your favorites before the offer ends! 

*excluding promotions  

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1. What are the Lucky LOOKX Days?
The Lucky LOOKX Days are special promotional days where you can shop at LOOKX with discounts.

2. What discounts are available during the Lucky LOOKX Days?
During the Lucky LOOKX Days, you can enjoy a 20% discount on selected beauty products.

3. How can I prepare for the Lucky LOOKX Days?
To be well-prepared, you can subscribe to the LOOKX newsletter to be one of the first to know about the upcoming Lucky LOOKX Days and special offers. Additionally, you can have your wishlist ready so you can act quickly once the discounts start.

4. Can I return my purchase if I am not satisfied with a product I bought during the Lucky LOOKX Days?
Yes, the normal return policy of LOOKX applies to purchases made during the Lucky LOOKX Days. For more information, please check the website.