Skin types

09 September 2022 - Skincare

It can be harder than you think to determine your skin type. Many factors and/or using different cosmetic products can change your skin condition. Continue reading how to discover your own skin type:

First of all it's important to know that there are only four skin types:

  1. Dry skin
  2. Normal skin
  3. Combination skin
  4. Oily skin

Skin type

A skin type is genetically determined and can be identified by the sebum production and reactivity of the skin. A hyperactive sebaceous gland creates a oily skin for example, but a slow-active sebaceous gland a dry skin. The reactivity of your skin, activity of the capillaries and sensitivity can also be genetically determined. A skin type can't be changes, but can get in balance. 

Nobody just has a dry or just oily skin. Most people have a combination of both. Also keep skin problems in mind, like acne, pigmentation spots or a sensitive skin and you know: actually everybody should have a personal skin plan. 

You can determine your skin type at home by cleaning the skin very well. Don't apply any skincare products afterwards. After around one hour, your skin will be in its 'normal' state and you can do the following test. Take four tissues and blot the skin, cheeks and forehead with a seperate tissue and look at it closely. 

The result:
  1. Dry skin: There is (almost) no grease on the tissue.Sometimes, you can see some dry skin skin flakes.
  2. Normal skin: the tissue is clean, no skin flakes or greasy spots.
  3. Combination skin: the tissue that touched your T-zone is kind of greasy, while the tissues that touched your cheeks are clean or maybe even contains some skin flakes. 
  4. Oily skin: all tissues are greasy. 

Skin condition

Did you know that there are many skin conditions besides skin types? Like a sensitive skin or mature skin. 

Your skin condition can vary every week, even every day! Think about hormonal factors, stress, influences of the weather and airconditioning. But it is still essential to know which characteristics your skin has, because then you can get or keep a beautiful skin with the right individual care. It is possible to have different skin conditions at the same time, these conditions vary from day to day and can appear no matter the skin type.