Look better during spring

Spring is in the air! The perfect moment to give the skin a thorough spring cleaning. Because the skin deserves a refresh after winter too. Rid the dull skin of dead skin cells and reveal a radiant complexion. Add purifying and brightening products to your beauty routine and give yourself a fresh start and glowing skin.
Daily care
Daily care
Skincare boosters
Skincare boosters

Skincare during spring 

Embrace a fresh skincare routine for the new season! Awaken your skin with a refreshing spring cleanse, banishing dead skin cells and transforming the dull winter complexion into radiant skin that is ready for spring. Explore brightening cleansers to eliminate deep-seated dirt and nourishing masks that rejuvenate the skin. Treat yourself to a revitalizing skincare routine for spring and give your skin a fantastic glow!

Derma daily cleanser  
The journey to radiant skin commences with effective cleansing! This illuminating and smoothing cleanser combines cleansing, exfoliation, and anti-aging benefits all in one.   

Refresh lotion 
Illuminating and refreshing lotion. It removes the last traces of dirt, cleaning product and dead skin cells. The mild formula hydrates, repairs and soothes the skin at the same time.

Vitamine C intense peel 
Revitalizes fatigued skin by providing a boost of energy. This intensive scrub has a cleansing and cell renewal effect and leaves the skin fresh and soft. It provides a radiant result and silky soft texture. It is a professional peeling without equipment, which is even tolerated by dry skin. 

Radiant brightening sheet mask
With this mask you can create clear, glowing skin with a fresh appearance in just 15 minutes. It provides a highly effective hydration boost that lasts for at least four weeks. The combination of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and Phoenix camellia plant stem cell extract treats any pigmentation problems. 

Balance oil  
Purifying, restorative and soothing oil. When used daily, the oil forms a protective shield on the skin, making your skin less sensitive to harmful external influences. The perfect preparation for the spring sunbeams!

Balance cream 
Detox your skin! This calming detox formula is full of ingredients that bring the skin back into balance and ensure that your skin can keep it that way afterwards. 

Retinol2ndG eye rescue  
An effective and safe retinol eye cream formula that improves blood circulation for a radiant look.

Derma polish pads 
The soaked pads remove dead skin cells in a skin-friendly manner and reveal healthy, radiant skin with visibly fewer wrinkles and noticeably more firmness. The formula has a purifying, anti-inflammatory and brightening effect.