Look better during summer

Hydrate and moisturize. Those are the key elements for the summer. Are you aiming for a radiant tan? A tan stays more even and lasts longer on a well-cleansed skin. Additionally, keep the skin well-hydrated, just like yourself, and don't forget to finish your beauty routine every day with a good sun protection, even when the sun isn't shining!
Daily care
Daily care
Skincare boosters
Skincare boosters

Skincare in in the summer 

Summer time! Using appropriate skincare in summer is essential due to the specific challenges this season brings. We would like to give you some tips to take good care of your skin and keep it in balance, even in the summer.

Prevent clogged pores 

The summer heat, coupled with increased sweating and humidity, can escalate sebum production, potentially resulting in clogged pores and a shiny skin. Therefore, ensure thorough cleaning every day. Use a mild exfoliating cleanser, such as the Cleansing mousse eye & face, to remove sebum and dead skin cells. Conclude your cleansing ritual with a lotion. LOOkX Refresh lotion removes the last traces of dirt, cleaning product and dead skin cells. The mild formula hydrates, repairs and soothes the skin at the same time 


It's not just you; even your skin craves extra hydration during the summer. The sun and heat can dry out the skin and disrupt its natural moisture balance. Moisturizing cosmetic products provide a protective barrier against these drying effects and help keep the skin supple. The Moisture cream from LOOkX is perfect for this, this cream hydrates intensively and at the same time repairs sun-damaged skin. Would you rather use a serum in the summer? Then choose the Moisture serum. Aaditionally, treat your skin once or twice a week with a hydrating mask to prevent moisture loss. Fun fact: Did you know a tan lasts much longer on well-hydrated skin? So, indulge in hydration—hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! 

Apply an SPF every day!

A high factor sunscreen is essentialen the summer. Apply SPF daily to protect the skin against sun damage and premature aging. Remember to use sunscreen even on cloudy days, as although UVB radiation (responsible for sunburn) may be slightly lower, UVA radiation persists daily. This radiation damages the skin at all levels, from the epidermis to deep in the dermis. It impacts various components, including collagen and elastin fibers, as well as epidermal cells and capillaries. This damage can lead to the development of issues like wrinkles and pigmentation spots.