Look better than the first signs of aging (pre anti-aging)

Are you not yet ready for real anti-aging skincare, but do you slowly see the first signs of skin aging appearing when you look in the mirror? Discover the right pre-anti-aging products for your skin and postpone skin aging as long as possible!
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Daily care
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Skincare boosters

Pre anti-aging skincare 

When anti-aging skincare is still too early for you but you want to invest in maintaining a youthful appearance, LOOkX Youth defense products are perfect for you! These are specifically designed to preserve and enhance the youthful radiance of the skin. This innovative line, consisting of a cream and serum, combines scientific expertise with natural ingredients and plant (stem) cell extracts to provide an effective pre anti-aging routine. The Youth defense cream and serum can be perfectly combined with each other or with the selected products above!

Youth defense cream 
The secret to a youthful appearance? A healthy, radiant skin! LOOkX Youth defense cream contains 3 types of plant stem cells to slow down the first signs of skin aging (pre anti-aging). Raspberry stem cells even out and protect against premature skin aging. Prickly pear stem cells slow down natural degeneration, and horse chestnut stem cells protect DNA and increase cell energy levels. Additionally, this rich cream works moisturising, soothing protecting and friming.

Youth defense serum 
Like the Youth defense cream, the Youth defense serum contains horse chestnut stem cell extracts to slow down the first signs of aging. Additionally, Sodium hyaluronate is added. This is a concentrated form of hyaluronic acid that protects the skin from moisture loss. The serum calms the skin, reduces redness, protects cell DNA, and extends the life cycle of cells. After application, your skin immediately feels fuller and firmer! It's no wonder it's one of our bestsellers.