LOOkX Serum category
LOOkX Serum category


Why should you use a serum? Sometimes your skin needs just a little more care, a cream alone is not enough on those moments. That's why you use a serum. It contains a high concentration of active ingredients. The active ingredients act on skin problems such as wrinkles, skin sagging, lack of hydration, a dull complexion and skin spots.

Which LOOkX serum matches your skin?

  • Overactive sebum production and large pores: LOOkX Solution pore minimiser
  • First signs of skin aging: LOOkX Youth defense serum
  • Sufficient hydration & reduce dryness lines: LOOkX Moisture serum
  • Anti-ageing boost: LOOkX Retinol2ndG serum
  • All-rounder: LOOkX Skin multitasker