Banner Moisture boost routine
Banner Moisture boost routine

Dry skin skincare routine

Do you have a taut feeling and fine lines? Your skin could use a moisture boost then. Luckily, we have the solution for a happy & hydrated skin!
Daily care
Daily care
Skincare boosters
Skincare boosters

Look better because you're taking care of your dry skin

It is essential to prevent and address dry skin, not just for the sake of appearance but also for enhanced comfort. Excessively dry skin can result in irritations, itching, and even cracks, which are best avoided. Furthermore, well-maintained skin forms a robust barrier against various external influences. Regularly applying moisturizers plays a pivotal role in preventing dryness. Opt for hydrating products and maintain consistency in your skincare routine. 

  Morning Evening
1. Cleanse Cleansing mousse eye & face  Cleansing mousse eye & face
2. Toner Refresh lotion Refresh lotion
3. Extra boost Moisture serum Moisture serum
4. Cream Moisture cream Moisture cream
5. Eye care Retinol2ndG eye rescue Retinol2ndG eye rescue
6. Protection Sun fluid SPF30  
1 to 2x a week Radiant brightening sheet mask of O2 Relax eye & face mask
3x a week Derma skin polish pads


Tips for dry skin

You can do more to prevent a dehydrated skin than hydrating creams. For example:

● Don't shower too hot
● Be careful with the airco & heater
● Always use a SPF to protect your skin.
Characteristics of a dry skin
● Refined skin structure
● Fine pores
● The skin reacts sensitive to coldness, warmth and weather changes
● Feels rough, tight and flaky



Why choose LOOkX?

Your skin is Everchanging. Whether it is due to time, your mood, the weather or hormones. That's why you need skincare that's everworking. No empty promises, just results. If you genuinely care about the improvement of your skin, then choose LOOkX - Cosmetics for the Everchanging Skin. #ProofLooksBetter​

Clean beauty

We keep things clean. We don't use harmful ingredients. Only safe ingredients that give effective results.
  • Nature is the source of our active ingredients
  • Transparent ingredient lists
  • We avoid ingredients from our extensive blacklist
  • ECOCERT produced
  • Cruelty-free
  • No microplastics

Smart beauty

The era of just applying something to your skin has come to an end. Welcome to the era of smart beauty. LOOkX products surpass the limitations of other brands by delving deeper into the skin with their exceptionally effective active ingredients. Ingredients are delivered to the right layer of skin at the right time. This not only creates a nourishing surface layer but also enhances the skin's condition from within.