Travel with LOOkX Travel with LOOkX
28 June 2023 - Skincare
Travel light & sustainable with the LOOkX Bestseller skincare box!
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NEW: Tinted lip serum Summer love NEW: Tinted lip serum Summer love
21 April 2023 - Makeup
LOOkX has added a new colour to their range of Tinted lip serums; Summer love.
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Damaged skin barrier Damaged skin barrier
21 March 2023 - Skincare
A hot topic nowadays is the ‘skin barrier’. Before you can establish whether you have a healthy skin barrier or not and how you can keep it healthy, it’s important to know what the skin barrier exactly is.
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LOOkX cleansers LOOkX cleansers
27 February 2023 - Skincare
The most important step in your skincare routine is cleansing. For this step there are different products suitable, but how do you use a cleanser correctly? And how do you know whether a cleanser is good or not?
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Microplastic in cosmetics Microplastic in cosmetics
17 February 2023
Microplastic is the new buzzword in the cosmetic branche. A scary thought, but do you really need to throw all your beautiful cosmetic products away and is all the information from the media substantiated?
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New: Magic glow primer New: Magic glow primer
30 January 2023 - Makeup
Multi-purpose Magic glow primer
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NEW: Tinted lip serum & Lip mask NEW: Tinted lip serum & Lip mask
18 January 2023 - Makeup
Complete care for your lips
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The perfect LOOkX gift for everyone The perfect LOOkX gift for everyone
19 December 2022
Finding the right gift isn’t always easy. To make the search for the perfect gift a bit easier, we’ve lined up some gift ideas for you.
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Anti-ageing Anti-ageing
16 November 2022 - Skincare
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