Get an instant glow with the #ProofLooksBetter Facial


Feeling like your skin could use a boost? Perhaps you've noticed a change in your skin's radiance, are dealing with skin issues due to hormonal imbalances, or are witnessing the first signs of aging. No worries, we've got your back. Fortunately, there's a solution that's both relaxing and effective: the #ProofLooksBetter Facial. After just one treatment, your skin will regain its glow!


Visible results after just one treatment
Imagine 75 minutes where nothing matters but you and your skin. A moment to shut out the world and indulge in a #ProofLooksBetter Facial. A treatment that not only promises but also proves that your skin looks immediately better afterwards. Your skin will be more even, firmer and softer. Try it for yourself!

What to expect?

The treatment begins with a professional skin analysis, focusing on skin condition, skin type and your skin's specific needs. Based on this analysis, the treatment is tailored to your skin. It starts with a thorough cleansing ritual, followed by a professional peeling to remove impurities. Then your eyebrows will be shaped and high concentrations of vitamins are applied to the skin in layers thanks to a personalized mask. You'll then enjoy a skin-improving Derma effect warm massage before the treatment ends with the right skincare products. The result? A fantastic glow!

For whom?

For anyone seeking visible and tangible smoother, softer and firmer skin. Because the treatment is customized to the specific needs of your skin, the #ProofLooksBetter Facial is suitable for all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin!


Why visit a skin expert?

Whether you suffer from skin problems due to a hormonal imbalance, fine lines due to skin aging or want to give the skin its natural glow back after a busy time. Visit an official LOOkX skin expert!

• Discover the 'why' behind what your skin shows you
• Intensive, professional treatments
• Products with higher concentrations of active ingredients
• Professional skin scan
• Personal, tailor-made advice
• Always treated by a certified and LOOkX trained skin expert.
Book a #ProofLooksBetter Facial treatment!

Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation and regain your glow in just 75 minutes. What are you waiting for? Find a salon near you and book your treatment now!

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