LOOkX & 100weeks

At LOOkX, we find it important to give back to society. We started with great enthusiasm on our own spekboom project in South Africa, but as for many, unfortunately, corona threw a spanner in the works. We have been able to plant a lot of spekbooms, but not in the way we had envisioned. 

However, we are not letting this get us down, and that's why we are proud to have become a partner of 100weeks. This initiative helps women living in extreme poverty to set up their own business and become self-sufficient within 100 weeks. 

LOOkX has the honor of being the business mentor of Dinah, a young woman of 25 years old who lives with her 2.5-year-old son and her husband in a small clay house. And what's extra nice: Dinah is active in the beauty industry. In her community, most entrepreneurs are involved in agriculture, where they grow and sell avocados at the market, for example. Dinah, a smart lady, however, realized that personal care is important for people, even when they have little to spend. She has set up her own hair salon: outside next to her house, with a broken mirror, a stool, a bucket of water, and a pair of scissors. Her customers are happy and Dinah is now earning some money. 

From LOOkX, we contribute financially on a weekly basis, so that Dinah can make small investments, such as buying a new pair of hairdressing scissors. By receiving a small amount each week, she learns to handle money, to save, and to invest. The goal is that after 100 weeks she has built up a nice business with which she can take care of her family and be an inspiration to other young women. 

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