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Not only the world around you, but also your skin is everchanging. That's why you need skincare that's everworking. At LOOkX we go through great lengths to develop skincare products that truly work. Always. Regardless your mood, life stage, stituation or weather conditions. Thanks to advanced formulas with high percentages of active ingredients, the skin-improving skincare products and caring makeup deliver results, full stop. We invite you to try for yourself! Try LOOkX for 30 days and experience the changes in your skin. And if you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back without any hassle.

Not satisfied?
What a pity! Contact after 30 days and easily receive your money back. Would you like to try another product? They are happy to advise you.

Beauty routine

A LOOkX beauty routine withing 10 minutes with visible effect! #ProofLooksBetter

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Clean beauty

At LOOkX we use non-harmful ingredients that are effective, we keep things clean

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Skin science

With our LOOkX Skin science technologies we make these active ingredients extra powerful.

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Cosmetics for the Everchanging Skin

Your skin is everchanging. Whether it's due to the passage of time, your mood, the weather or hormones. LOOkX is always there for you. With proven results.


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Our customers can trust us for over 25 years already. - Cindy