Look better during winter

Do you always experience a dull, dehydrated skin with red patches during winter? The skin needs extra care during this season to protect itself from the cold, dry air. Optimize your skincare routine by choosing richer, nourishing, and hydrating products to strengthen your skin's barrier function and prevent moisture loss. Even in winter, you'll look better with LOOkX.

Skincare during winter 

During the cold winter months, your skin needs extra attention and care. Dry air, cold wind and heating can dry out the skin and make it sensitive. Thankfully, an effective winter skincare routine comes to the rescue, focusing primarily on nourishment and protection. Choose richer, nourishing and moisturizing products. This strengthens the barrier function of the skin and prevents moisture loss. We have listed some nourishing winter essentials for you. This will help your skin get through the winter.
Amazing cleansing balm 
This luxurious cleansing balm can be used in four ways: as a cleanser, hydrating mask, restorative night mask and as a quick treatment for dry to very dry skin. It cleanses, has an anti-ageing effect, provides an extra boost of care and places a protective layer on the skin. 

Vitamine C intense peel 
Experience an exceptional combination of exfoliation and free radical defense with this superior peeling product. This intensive scrub has a cleansing and cell renewal effect and leaves the skin fresh and soft. It provides a radiant result and silky soft texture. This scrub also promotes the skin's natural resistance.

Time stop cream and oil 
Winter demands extra protective measures for your skin. Swap your lightweight cream for a rich, full cream that offers intensive care and protection. The Time stop cream stands out as the perfect choice – a luxurious, full-bodied cream that acts as a winter shield for your skin. For an extra layer of pampering, consider blending a few drops of Time stop oil with your Time stop cream. Your delicate winter skin will thank you!

Natural velvet mineral powder  
The finishing touch in winter. A powder that mattifies your skin and protects it at the same time. The Natural velvet mineral powder is the perfect bronze-colored powder to fix makeup and mattify shiny areas. In addition, the formula has a soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging effect.