LOOkX Ingredients

LOOkX likes to keep things transparent. So by all means, have a look at our list of ingredients. With every product on our website, you can also see it’s ingredients. Why? Because although we tell you our products are safe and effective, we absolutely understand you are smart enough to want to check for yourself. 

Age-prevention tetrapeptide

Protects the skin against harmful UV-radiation to prevent premature skin aging. It has a 'photo
protective'effect on the cells of the epidermis
and protects the skin’s DNA whilst supporting
the repairing mechanism of the DNA.

Aglianico grape extract

Has a triple anti-aging action: it has
a cell detoxifying action and stimulates the
hyaluronic acid and collagen production.


Powerful extract from wheat germ and
comfrey. It stimulates cell renewal and has
repairing and calming properties.

Apple plant stem cells

Stimulate hair growth.
They lengthen and strengthen the eyelashes

Apricot oil

Has hydrating, nourishing and smoothing
properties. It softens the skin and improves
the complexion. The oil also slows down
premature skin aging.

Almon acid

Powerful alpha hydroxy acid sourced from
almonds. It has strong anti-aging and
antibacterial properties.

Azelaic acid

Has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, it
refines pores and is perfect for acne skin and
rosacea. The acid reduces bacterial growth
in the pores, increases cell metabolism,
stimulates collagen synthesis, removes
dead skin cells and refines the pores.


An anti-aging ingredient, used in
luxurious oils. It has powerful repairing
properties, reduces blemishes and
prevents premature aging.


Has caring and protecting properties.
It softens and smoothes the skin.

Black currant oil

Has a natural detoxifying action and
hydrating properties. It has a calming
effect on eczema and reduces redness

Boswellia serrata extract

Also known as Indian frankincense and comes
from the Boswellia serrata tree. It calms the
skin and has an antiseptic action that improves
the natural resistance of the skin.

Buriti oil

Comes from the fruits of the Moriche palm
tree and is rich in Omega 9 and 3. It repairs
the barrier function of the skin, softens fine
lines and wrinkles, keeps the skin supple
and protects the moisture balance.

Cactus fig stem cells

Have extraordinary hydrating and
moisturizing properties. In addition, they
repair the extracellular matrix and
prolong the life cycle of skin cells.

Candelilla extract

Natural and vegan alternative for beeswax.
It has soothing and softening properties.

Carbon charcoal

Has a deep cleansing, smoothing
and brightening effect on the skin.

Carnauba wax

Comes from the Carnauba palm. It
gives the skin a healthy glow and
has hydrating properties.

Castor oil

Comes from the seeds of the Ricinus
Communis plant and has healing
and repairing properties.


Has unique anti-aging properties. It repairs
the barrier function of the skin, forms a
protective layer to prevent moisture loss
and keeps the skin supple.

Chamomile flower extract

Has calming and softening properties.

Citric acid

An alpha-hydroxy acid that refreshes
and brightens the skin. It also reduces
hyperpigmentation. It can cause a
tingling feeling on the skin.


A vitamin C boost for the skin. It
protects against UV-radiation and
strengthens the cell membranes.

Coconut oil

Has softening and protecting properties.
It leaves the skin with a healthy glow.

Coffee bean plan stem cells

An alpha-hydroxy acid that ensures a
smooth and radiant skin. It dissolves dead
skin cells and cleanses pores deeply for a
refines skin texture. The aced improves the
absorption level of the skin.

Glycolic acid

An alpha-hydroxy acid that ensures a
smooth and radiant skin. It dissolves dead
skin cells and cleanses pores deeply for a
refines skin texture. The aced improves the
absorption level of the skin.

Gold UVA- and UVB- filters

Reflect light for a glowing skin.

Green clay extract

Absorbs sebum and cleanses pores.
It has a mattifying effect on the ski


Improves the skin texture.
It leaves the skin silky and smooth.


Has an anti-aging and cell renewal effect.
Its acid ensures a soft and fresh appearance.

Hyaluronic acid

Attracts water like a magnet: it hydrates the
skin intensively and prevents moisture loss.
It binds itself to the keratinocytes and forms
a protective film on the skin.

Jasmin plant stem cells

Have hydrating properties and
increase the collagen production.

Jojoba oil

Protects, nourishes and softens
the skin. It has antibacterial and
detoxifying actions too.


A white clay that absorbs excess
sebum and deeply cleanses the skin.

Lactic acid

Can regulate the PH value of the skin. It
helps absorb active ingredients better into
the skin, stimulates cel renewal, polishes the
skin mildly and has hydrating properties.


Comes from grinded sea cucumber
that gently cleanses the skin.

Malic acid

Improves the skin's elasticity and has a
light peeling and hydrating effect. Due to
its exfoliating effect, it will leave the skin
illuminated, fine lines and wrinkles will be
less deep and it reduces hyperpigmentation.

Mandelic acid

A powerful alpha-hydroxy acid from
almonds. It has strong anti-aging and
antibacterial properties.

Matrixyl ® 3000

Stimulates the collagen production and
repairs the collagen. It reduces wrinkles
and ensures a firm skin

Meadowfoam seed oil

Improves cell regeneration to prevent
premature aging. It has softening,
hydrating and repairing properties.

Merlot grape extract

Improves the oxygen absorption out of the
blood for an energized skin. It inhibits the
release of histamine, reduces redness and
improves the oxygen level in the skin cells.


Has mattifying and fixing properties.

Mountain crystal

Has a healing effect on all skin
concerns. The crushed crystal
extract strengthens the skin.

Organic UVB- filters

Sun filters of natural origin.

Pearl extract

A beautiful elixir that nourishes,
soothes and hydrates the skin.


Used as a fragrance and has a
stimulating, invigorating effect on the
mind and improves concentration.

Phytic acid

A natural acid from rice. 
The unique structure of this acid allows to
neutralize itself, which ensures safe exfoliation
and helps with cellular renewal.

Pineapple extract

A mild exfoliator. It has a slight polishing
effect for a smooth skin. This extract removes
dead skin cells in a mild way and leaves the
skin fresh and vibrant.

Pomegrenate extract

Has intense hydrating and softening properties.


Comes from the resin of the Mastic tree
that grows on the Greek island Chios. It
reduces enlarged pores, soothes the
skin and reduces impurities.

Raspberry stem cells
(Berry Flux)

Hydrate and repair the moisture proteins in
the epidermis. They improve skin elasticity,
strengthen the skin barrier function and
stimulate the hyaluronic acid production.

Raspberry stem cells (Cellintegrity)

Calm the skin. They have protecting
properties, reduce inflammations
and prevent oxidative stress.


Contains pure encapsulated retinol for a real
anti-aging boost. The complex fastens the cel
renewal process in the epidermis. The result:
an instantly smooth and radiant complexion.
Retinol2ndG also stimulates the collagen
production in the deeper skin layers and
protects existing collagen against damage.

Rhodochrosite extract

Soothes the skin, protects cells against
stress and fights premature skin aging. It
supports the cleansing processes of the
skin and stimulates the metabolism.

Rose extract

Has hydrating properties.
It calms the skin and reduces inflammation.

Royal jelly extract

Rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins.

Salicylic acid

Deeply cleanses blemished skin. It
promotes the natural exfoliation processes
for a smoother skin. It also refines enlarged
pores and the skin texture.

Silk powder

Absorbs moisture for a smooth
and well-hydrated skin.

Skullcap root extract

Contains powerful antioxidants and has
an anti-flammatory action. It regulates
the melanin production and has a
lightening effect on the skin.

Swiss edelweiss extract

A herbal extract from the mountains of
Switzerland. It is rich in polyphenols and
flavonoids for optimal protection and a
calming effect on the skin.

Swiss thermal spring water

Comes from the springs of Bad Zurzach
and has natural healing effects. It is rich iN
minerals and ensures a better absorption
of active ingredients.

Tomato stem cells

Antioxidants that protect the skin from
air pollution, free radicals and premature
aging. They also promote the activity
and longevity of skin cells.

Tomato stem cells extract

Protects the skin from air pollution, free
radicals and premature aging. It promotes the
activity longevity and longevity of skin cells
and strengthens the extracellular matrix.


Neutralizes skin discoloration an
stimulates the blood circulation
for a radiant skin.

Vitamin A

Antioxidant with anti-aging and
soothing properties. It strengthens
the skin and prevents wrinkles.

Vitamin C

Brightening antioxidant for a fresh and
radiant complexion. It stimulates the collagen
production and repairs the skin barrier
function. It also reduces hyperpigmentation
and improves the skin’s resistance.

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant and is known for its
anti-aging properties. It supports repairing
wrinkles, fine lines and scars. This vitamin
nourishes, protects and keeps the skin supple.

Water honey

Hydrates the skin intensively and
protects against moisture loss
(transepidermal water loss).

White truffel extract

Has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative
effect on the skin. It is known as the 'superfood'
for the skin. It is rich in vitamins and minerals,
especially vitamin C, that provides a brightening
and lightening effect. Vitamin B12 minimizes
dark spots and resolves hyperpigmentation.

Yeast extract

Has repairing, hydrating and calming properties.