Cindy van der Peet

Expert in Dermo-cosmetics, Founder LOOkX

I live in Heiloo - with my husband, son Gianni and dog Lucky - where LOOkX's head office is located. Beautiful trips to my favorite countries South Africa and Italy, good and healthy food, animals, nature and beauty make me very happy. My mission is to develop cosmetics for Everchanging Skin that truly work, always. Because I want everyone to have skin that is in the best condition. Regardless the stages of life, lifestyle, mood or other circumstances. Because healthy skin radiates and gives self-confidence, thousands of LOOkX ambassadors can confirm this. Me and my fantastic team advise more than 1,500 skin experts who treat more than 17,000 skins per day. With results. #ProofLooksBetter

Done differently

After college, I opened my own beauty salon. The more often I talked to people about cosmetics, the more clear it became that people often use products that do not work or are not suitable for the skin type. The reason? Beautiful advertisements, where the products do not actually do what they promise. I then specialized in Dermo-cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. My goal was to decode all the ingredient lists on cosmetic products. I wanted to know why one product did what it promised and the other was nothing more than an empty promise. I discovered that there are many more caring brands on the market than really effective brands that actually provide results. After this discovery I thought: this can and must be done differently. It became my personal mission to market honest and effective products that really work, always.

Cosmetic products can certainly do something for the skin. But you do need the right mix of ingredients, molecular weight, percentage of active ingredients and technologies. If all these components are correct, it can visibly improve the skin condition. This is exactly what LOOkX is strong at. The result of about 25 years of research, testing and optimization. It is not without reason that many of our products have received (and won) nominations for various beauty awards.

I hope that you will be inspired to take a closer look at your skin and the cosmetic products you currently use. Don’t settle for 'just putting something on the skin' and empty promises, but opt for products that really make your skin visibly more beautiful.


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