Look better during autumn

The sun, sweat, salty seawater, or chlorinated pool water; your skin has undergone quite a bit during the summer. That's why this is the perfect moment to repair and reset your skin. Remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. This way, your skin will be better equipped to withstand the harsh autumn weather, and you'll regain your radiant complexion!
Daily care
Daily care
Skincare boosters
Skincare boosters

Restore your skin after the summer 

Did you know that your skin needs time to recover after the summer? This is mainly due to excessive sun exposure. The sun reduces the amount of antioxidants in the skin and can increase sebum production. Additionally, exposure to seawater, chlorinated water and possibly air conditioning can adversely impact the skin. It's time to initiate a repair and reset routine, ensuring your skin is well-prepared for autumn. The magic word for this revitalization is 'Vitamin C.' 

Vitamine C skincare during autumn 

Cosmetics widely embrace Vitamin C as a highly sought-after ingredient. Its popularity stems from being a potent antioxidant with proven efficacy. As a crucial component for autumn skincare, Vitamin C offers protective, firming, and restorative properties. It rejuvenates the skin after the summer and makes the skin autumn-proof. We have listed the benefits of vitamin C for the skin for you:

  • Fades visible sun damage 
  • Brightens superficial pigment spots 
  • Refreshes a dull skin 
  • Protects the skin against irritation, inflammatory reactions and pollution 
  • Improves the natural recovery process 
  • Stimulates collagen production 

A rich, full cream during autumn  

As we witness the shift to a new season, our skin also experiences a change. The skin could use an extra layer of protection against the cold and chilly wind. Therefore, swap your lightweight cream for a rich, full cream that offers intensive care and protection. Consider opting for the Youth defense cream. This cream contains 3 types of plant stem cells to slow down the first signs of ageing (pre anti-ageing). More benefits of this rich, yet light cream: it hydrates, sooths, protects and firms.