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Smart beauty

The time of 'just putting something on your skin' is over. It's time for smart beauty. LOOkX products go further where other brands stop. The highly concentrated active ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin layer and are delivered to the skin at the right time. Not only is a nourishing layer formed on the skin, the skin condition is actually improved from within.

LOOkX Skin science makes the difference

Nature is the source of our active ingredients. With our LOOkX Skin science technologies we make these active ingredients extra powerful.

1. Plant (stem) cell extracts
LOOkX uses various plant (stem) cell extracts. Including tomatoes, grapes, raspberries and prickly pear. Plant (stem) cell extracts are so much stronger and more versatile than regular plant extracts that the effect of a product can be multiplied to fifty times. Because they are skin identical, they can also be absorbed by the skin faster, better and more effectively. You can see plant (stem) cell extracts as a kind of superfood for the skin. A plant (stem) cell extract contains many elements, each with their own effect. This includes vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. That is why you can achieve a lot with just one extract.

Most plant (stem) cell extracts contain peptides for the transport and delivery of the active ingredients to and in the different skin layers. Extracts that cannot pass through the skin layers themselves are linked or encapsulated by our laboratory to transport peptides, so that they can still penetrate safely and effectively into the different layers of the skin.

LOOkX technologies

Where other brands use a minimum percentage of active ingredients to make a claim, LOOkX products contain the most clinically tested percentage to provide results.

2. Highest safe percentages of concentrated active ingredients
All products contain the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients. With the help of clinical research, we look for the percentage of active ingredients that give the best results. We use exactly these percentages. Nothing more nothing less.

3. Time release
The highly concentrated active ingredients are all encapsulated in their own way and often in multiple layers (multi-layer molecules). The first part of the molecule is delivered to the outer layer of the skin. The next part is 'designed' in such a way that it can easily pass through the next layer of skin and dissolve in this layer, so that it can do its work there

The ingredients release the necessary (concentration) active ingredients at the right time and in the right skin layer. This ensures that the ingredients retain their function throughout the day and ensures better results because the deeper layers of the skin are also reached. Certain active ingredients, such as retinol2ndG (encapsulated retinol), can also travel safely through the skin layers, without, for example, damaging or irritating the upper skin layer.

Retinol2ndG cream contains, among other things Cell Pulse. This is a stem cell extract from the coffee plant and has strong filling, antioxidant and moisturizing properties. This molecule works in the three main layers of the skin.

Cell Pulse repairs damage to the epidermis and provides a good hydrated skin.


Cell Pulse stimulates the synthesis of new fibers to repair or replace damaged fibers in the dermis.

Subcutaneous tissue – Hypodermis
Cell Pulse reduces destruction of fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue and prevents sagging skin..

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