Clean beauty

It is often thought that this stands for natural, vegan or free of synthetic ingredients. This is not true. Synthetic ingredients can be safe and sustainable and natural ingredients can be harmful and unsustainable. Clean beauty stands for transparency and products without harmful ingredients, which have not been tested on animals and are consciously produced.


We use non-harmful ingredients that are effective

We keep things clean
  • No empty promises, just results
  • Nature is the source of our active ingredients
  • Transparent ingredient lists
  • We avoid harmful ingredients from our extensive blacklist
  • ECOCERT produced
  • Not tested on animals
  • No microplastics
Fewer products, more results!

More with less? Now that's clean.

Multi purpose

Did you know that many of our products are multi-purpose? For example, the Amazing cleansing balm is not only an amazing cleanser, but you can also use it at night as a hydrating mask.


Every LOOkX product has at least three (often many more) purposes. For example, the Youth Defense serum not only has a pre-anti-aging effect, but soothes, reduces redness and protects at the same time.


The number of products that have a convenient and sustainable refill system continues to grow.

Sustainable cultivation

We obtain our plant (stem) cell extracts from plants that are consciously grown in our laboratory under the best conditions. This is a very efficient and sustainable biotechnology. We only need one plant. From this we extract the plant (stem) cell extract that we can then multiply infinitely. This is called in-vitro and is much more sustainable than traditional cultivation.

It is more energy efficient, uses up to 80% less water, there is no residual waste, the use of pesticides is unnecessary and we can work with the most effective plants from all over the world. In addition, it has been proven that products with in-vitro cultured ingredients cause 15% fewer allergic reactions to the skin.

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