All People City Spa, Carin Brouwer

It is really important to me that I can help people make their skin more and more beautiful in the most natural way possible. With products with high-quality ingredients that were not tested on animals.

Beauty & More, Romy Manniën

We chose LOOkX, because it is an innovative brand where the quality of the products has a very high priority. And LOOkX is also sustainable, like the refillable cleansers.

Beauty & Skincare Spijkenisse, Sandra Nijland

LOOkX has high-end products with very good, concentrated active inredients, resulting in skin improvement. Short term and, even more important, also long term.

Beauty El Mare, Marleen Houdijk

LOOkX continues where other brands stop.

Beauty Instituut Su Chên’s, Su Chên Wong

LOOkX is an innovative brand that adapts to the times. If you have skin problems, want to take care of your skin or skin rejuvenation. LOOkX has the solution for every skin type and condition.

Beauty Instituut Synergy Care, Lynn Bolder

LOOkX is one step ahead of other brands in the beauty industry, because they are really innovative. The choice wasn't difficult! Innovative, direct effect and enough training for our beauty salon to stay up-to-date!

Beauty Secrets Odijk, Nicole Nederend

I picked LOOkX, because their philosophy speaks to me. Producing the most beautiful products in a fair way!

Beauty World, Martine Klijnsma

I chose the brand LOOkX, because innovative formulas ensure visible results!

Beautysalon for you, Michelle van Lieshout

My choice directly went to LOOkX because of the quality of the product, the luxury appearance and their promise "no empty promises, just results". The combination of their skincare and makeup ensures a perfect result!

Belle Chique, Laura Graulus

The powerful ingredients that work till the deeper skin layers is the reason why I work with LOOkX skincare. It treats skin problems, has a good skin tolerability and our customers are super satisfied.

Bonito Skincare, Sabrina van Steensel

Skin improvement is of paramount importance to us. LOOkX is perfectly in line with our vision, products that do what they promise for powerful and beautiful results.

Esther’s Choice De Anti-ageing Specialist, Jeanette Cordes

LOOkX products are honest, good and work in the deeper skin layers. It really does what it promises and the price quality ratio is on point. My customers and I are fan!

EviBeau, Evalien Beentjes

LOOkX is very effective, thanks to the high concentrations of active ingredients, and ensures beautiful results concerning skin care and skin improvement. It is a sophisticated and innovative brand. That's why it is a pleasure to work with it in our salon.

Faces Skincare, Marieke van der Heijden

It is really important to us to work with an innovative brand, powerful ingredients and beautiful results. We see the skin from our clients improving, also long term. That's why we work with LOOkX for years now!

GAAF Skincare beautysalon, Wilma van de Mheen

LOOkX has the looks and does what it promises: it ensures a healthy, glowing skin.

Hivall Beauty Care, Hilde van Loon

LOOkX is a true gift for the skin! A cocktail of fair active ingredients, soft scents and pleasant textures for every skin with visible results.

Huidinstituut Rosalie, Rosalie van der Burg

The direct short term and long term visible results, the high-end active ingredients, the pleasurable texture and soft scents of the products make LOOkX a succes. LOOkX is more than amazing product, they work!

Indigo hair & beauty, Ellen van Norde

Why LOOkX? Because, to me and my clients, it's the brand that does what it promises!

La Belle Visage, Saskia van der Plas

My salon works with LOOkX skincare and makeup. Products for skin improvement that live up to the expectations of today with direct and long term results.

Le Masque beauty & more, Daniëlla Derksen

LOOkX does what it promises and makes the skin of my customers glow, I'm a big fan!

MG Beauty, Marit Guliker

MG Beauty works with LOOkX because of their effective treatments. Maximum skin care and skin improvement. An ultimate experience with a lovely cleansing ritual and relaxing massages. The result: a glowing & healthy skin.

Salon 81, Lisa de Groot

That LOOkX was THE brand for us, was not a tough call. We were already familair with this beautiful, results oriented brand. Clients that are happy with their treatments and products prove that it was the right choice, every single day.

Salon Hanneke skincare | wellness, Hanneke Wolters

We can promise direct and long term results, and clearly visible skin improvement to our clients thanks to LOOkX skincare.

Salon Sirène, Bianca de Schipper

LOOkX products are transparant and contain high percentages of active ingredients for optimal skin improvement. A brand which is a trendsetter, sustainable and innovative at the same time!

Schoonheidscentrum Annabelle, Ans van Bavinckhoven

LOOkX skincare is unique, the powerful and precious active ingredients deserve nothing less than luxurious textures. Or rather, your skin deserves nothing better than the best ingredients and the most satisfying textures.

Schoonheidsinstituut Esthetica, Heidi Brandsma

I'm pleased to say that I already work with LOOkX for over 10 years! My customers and I are still impressed by seeing the results of the products. They do what they promise and the first results are already visible after one treatment!

Schoonheidssalon Esthéticiënne Joke Maaskant, Joke Maaskant

LOOkX is constantly innovating for a beautiful, fresh skin.

Schoonheidsstudio 072, Miloe Hove

We want to offer a modern product with powerful ingredients based on results. LOOkX cares about the environment and offers multi-purpose products, that makes them so unique and pleasant to work with.

Secrets of Beauty, Manja Kulk

LOOkX keeps up with the times and understands the beauty industry. Because of that, we can offer the most pleasurable, best and most trending treatments. They think along and take on the role of customer to discover what he/she desires.

Secrets of Looks, Simone Bibo

I chose the brand LOOkX, because I can offer personalized ands specialised treatments with direct visible and lasting results thanks to the products.

Sense of beauty, Patricia Kroon

The formulas of LOOkX skincare products contain unique percentages. The combination of high-end products and our expertise makes sure we bring out the best in the skin!

Skin Care Company, Marianne Hartman

We value results oriented skincare, plant-based and/or nature identical ingredients. The skin is effectively cared for, and the skin condition is visibly and tangibly improved thanks to LOOkX skincare.

Skin-Xperience, Birgit Kruger

My primary motive is to help people get a beautiful, healthy skin. The high percentages active ingredients, innovation and scientific knowledge of LOOkX make sure that real changes take place in the skin.

Visible Skincare & Make-up, Janneke Stienstra

Visible skin improvement is realized in our salon thanks to the combination of expertise and high quality products of LOOkX. Thanks to this, we can create a personal improvement plan for all skin problems and achieve visible results.

Schoonheidssalon Artemystic, Apeldoorn, Diana Grotegoed

I mainly focus on skin improvement and the products of LOOkX match perfectly. The (vegan) products have a pleasurable texture and soft scents. The biotechnological active ingredients are intense and directly show beautiful and clear improvements of the skin's structure.

Sk!n by Esther, Oud Beijerland, Esther Snijders

We are fan of LOOkX skincare, because the most important pillar of SK!N is reflected in it: skin improvement. LOOkX continues where other brands stop. The products work into the deeper skin layers, where skin improvement starts.