LOOkX beautyroutine

09 October 2023 - Skincare

A beauty routine within 10 minutes with visible effect! From cleansing to SPF, LOOkX products have a proven effect and reinforce each other. #ProofLooksBetter

Step 1: Cleansing  
If dirt particles are not removed, the skin will never have the ability to absorb the active ingredients of the products that are applied afterwards.  

Step 2: Serum  
An 'activator' with concentrated active ingredients that are absorbed extra quickly and deeply into the skin due to their light structure and fine molecules.  

Step 3: Eye cream  
The skin of the eye contour is ten times thinner and three times more sensitive than the rest of the face. This really needs special care!  

Step 4: Cream  
A good cream protects throughout the day and keeps the skin barrier and moisture levels in balance.  

Step 5: Sun protection  
UVA radiation is also present in winter or when it is cloudy and can cause wrinkles and pigment spots.