Anti-ageing Anti-ageing
16 november 2022 - Skincare
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Dry Skin Dry Skin
10 november 2022 - Skincare
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Boost your skin Boost your skin
27 oktober 2022 - Skincare
Healthy, glowing skin is the secret to a young appearance. This starts with protecting your skin against ageing and UV-radiation, and protecting your DNA.
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All about the effects of blue light All about the effects of blue light
13 oktober 2022 - Skincare
We all know we need to protect our skin from UVA and UVB radiation to prevent premature ageing. But from various sources it has become clear that blue light, from (mobile) devices, can have negative effects on the skin as well.
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Bio based tubes Bio based tubes
26 september 2022 - Skincare
Less waste please! You have probably already seen them in our webshop, the new LOOkX Bio based tubes! We always try to contribute to a more sustainable society and that includes our packaging… because way too much plastic is being thrown away.
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Mature skin Mature skin
10 september 2022 - Skincare
A mature skin has a loss of firmness and elasticity. The skin also loses its ability to retain water and the sebum production decreases. The skin will become thinner, and dryer and lines and wrinkles will appear.
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