Look better after a long day

Look better after a long day
My skin looks so tired. Is that your thought when you see yourself in the mirror after a long day? Then your skin may have had to endure a lot that day. Air conditioning, heating, dry air and stress change your skin within a few hours. To restore and prevent this, boost your skin once or twice a week with a (sheet)mask.

"Immediate results that last at least four weeks."


Your glow back within 15 minutes

With this powerful brightening sheet mask you will have your glowing skin and fresh appearance back within 15 minutes! It provides a highly effective hydration boost that lasts for at least four weeks. 

√ Phoenix Camellia stem cell extract brightens the complexion. 
√ Vitamin C reduces pigment spots and has a strengthening effect. 
√ Hyaluronic acid hydrates and improves the skin elasticity.