Look better now and then

Look better now and then

Skin aging is caused by a combination of different factors. Such as the sun, free radicals, stress and nutrition. Fortunately, you can influence this and the skin aging process can be slowed down through a healthy lifestyle and the right skin care.


Did you know 70 to 80% of skin aging is caused by sunlight? Always use an SPF!

Age What is happening? Visible changes Suitable product line
18 - 25 Decrease in hyaluronic acid production Fine lines  Moisture
25 - 35 Cell division slightly slows down Dull, tired skin 
Deeper wrinkles 
Mimic wrinkles 
Youth Defense
35 - 45 Decrease in a.o. elasticity and cell division processes  Pigment disorders 
Thinner skin 
Sensitive skin 
Youth Defense / Retinol2ndG
45 - 55 Decrease of a.o. collagen production  Sagging 
Drier skin 
Slower recovery 
Time stop / Retinol2ndG
55 - 65+ Hormone disruptions 
Reduced recovery capacity 
Chronic inflammation 
Fat loss in hypodermis 
Sebum production decreases 
Colour differences 
Very dry skin 
Transparent skin 
Volume loss 

Prevent premature skin aging

Youth defense cream contains three natural plant stem cell extracts that immediately help your skin to prevent the first signs of skin aging brakes.

Raspberry smooths and protects against premature skin aging. 
Prickly pear slows down natural degeneration. 
Horse bean protects the DNA and increases the energy level of the cells.