Banner Pre anti-ageing skincare routine
Banner Pre anti-ageing skincare routine


Are you not ready for real anti-ageing just yet, but are the first signs of ageing getting visible? Postpone skin ageing as long as possible with this pre anti-ageing skincare routine.
  Morning Evening
1. Cleanse Amazing cleansing balm Amazing cleansing balm
2. Toner Refresh lotion Refresh lotion
3. Extra boost Youth defense serum Youth defense serum
4. Cream Youth defense cream Youth defense cream
5. Eye care Retinol2ndG eye rescue Retinol2ndG eye rescue
6. Protection Sun fluid SPF30  
1 to 2x a week Anti ageing sheet mask of O2 Relax eye & face mask
3x per week to daily Derma skin polish pads

Tip from Tatjana (34 years old)

Content marketing manager at LOOkX: ‘As a 34-year-old woman, I'm ready for pre anti-ageing. The Youth defense serum is my favourite! Also amazing to combine it with a.o. LOOkX Moisture cream for an extra hydration boost.'

Characteristic of the first signs of ageing
● First wrinkles/fine lines
● First pigmentation spots
● Loss of firmness
● Slower cell renewal
● Slower production of elastine and collagen


Why choose LOOkX:

LOOkX stands for smart & clean beauty. Yes, Smart products for Smart Women: multi-purpose products, with high-tech intelligent ingredients of the future in sustainable packaging. The beautiful brand falls into the category "Clean Beauty", this guarantees safe products, many of them are refillable, making healthy skin possible for everyone.

This was also CEO Cindy’s goal & mission in 1999. She was fed up with so many beauty brands not living up to their promises. She felt she could do better than that. And succeeded! LOOkX Makeup is anti-ageing and protecting, and doesn’t just support, but fortifies the effects of skin-improving LOOkX Skincare: 1+1=3.

The products are developed in our ECOCERT lab, where we combine the power of nature with cutting edge technology: LOOkX Skin science. This consists of 3 technologies: time-release, plant stem cell and innovative makeup technology. The result: ingredients that are up to 50 times more powerful. There are no miracles in a jar. There are products that give you a nice looking skin, short term. And then there is LOOkX, great instant results, but also 10 years from now. No empty promises, just result.