Makeup with built-in skincare

24 augustus 2022 - Makeup
Makeup with built-in skincare

The wonderful marriage of makeup and skincare

The days that we blindly bought the foundation that influencers or advertising promoted, are well behind us. Our own style is our fashion. Our needs are clear. Our knowledge has grown. We demand more from our makeup than mere color and coverage.

And right we are. “Always take your makeup off!” is everybody’s beauty mantra. And after cleansing, we pamper our skin with creams, oils and serums . So how illogical would it be, after all that skin-tlc, to suffocate it under a layer of non-breathing, skin drying, pore clogging makeup? Unacceptable.

Hello makeup/skincare hybrid.

20 years ago, founder Cindy van der Peet was already convinced of the necessity of built-in skincare in makeup. No surprise, it was nowhere to be found in those days. But as an up and coming cosmeceutical skincare expert, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Undoing all her efforts of skin improvement the moment she put on makeup just didn’t sit right with her.  

Her quest led her to some of Europe’s leading makeup scientists. They loved her vision and persistence, even though the requests seemed impossible at times. It took a lot of pioneering , but it eventually led to her own line of skin caring LOOkX makeup. Not just a moisturizing foundation here and a vitamin infused powder there, no, a full line - from primer to powder to lipstick to mascara. And not “just” hybrid (skincare-infused makeup) but also multi-purpose, and refillable, in a lot of cases.

A perfect example would be the awarded LOOkX Smart 4-in-1 protection primer. It combines its obvious function with pore-minimizing, mattifying and hydrating properties. As if that wasn’t enough, it offers an infrared and blue light protection. So even when going for the trending “no makeup” makeup look, this hybrid makeup champ is your best friend.

Van der Peet may have been well ahead of her time, her findings are proven to be more “en vogue” now than ever. A trend to love and to stay – looking good made healthy & easy.