Personal routine

Your skin now, isn’t the same as your skin yesterday. Or as it will be tomorrow. It’s constantly in motion. It’s shifting and evolving with each passing of time. Whether it’s due to harsh sunrays, your diet, hormones, sleep, stress or the natural aging process, your skin is always adapting to the world around it. Are you not sure which products are best to use to get the most out of your skin? No problem! We are happy to give you personal advice. Discover below which skincare routine best suits your skin condition and situation. Always look better with LOOkX - Cosmetics for the Everchanging Skin.

It''s not possible to stop the natural aging process, but we can slow it down!
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Dry skin
A taut feeling & fine lines? Your skin could use a moisture boost then. Luckily, we have the solution!
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Pre anti-aging
Are you not ready for real anti-aging just yet, but are the first signs of ageing getting visible? Pre anti-ageing is your solution.
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Sensitive skin
Do you suffer form redness, irritation, flakes and dehydration? This skincare routine is perfect to get your skin back in balance!
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LOOkX products are for the Everchancing Skin. Also men's skin! Discover this simple and targeted skincare routine.
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Oily skin
Do you have a combination/oily skin? We have the solution! Bring your sebum production in balance with this skincare routine.
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