After work-out skincare

12 February 2024

During sports you can't escape it: sweat. Sweat has a very important function - especially during exercise - it is an indispensable ventilation system. When sweat evaporates, it extracts heat from your body and cools it down. In addition, sweat helps in the spread of sebum (originating from the sebaceous glands), which forms a protective, oily layer over the skin.  


But what does sweating do to my skin? 
A sweat session can actually be quite good. It moisturizes, cleanses pores and even helps kill unwanted bacteria on the skin.   
But there is a downside: if you do not rinse the sweat off the skin properly or do not take good care of the skin, things will go wrong. Skin irritation, pimples or even very dry skin are caused by sweat that stays on the skin for too long. Sweat that remains on the skin can lead to red, burning spots. The openings of the sweat glands can also become clogged, which can also cause irritations. 

So always clean your skin well immediately after a workout with a suitable cleanser. The LOOkX Amazing cleansing balm is a rich balm that removes all dirt, dust, sweat and any bacteria from the skin at once. In addition, it ensures that the natural protective layer of the skin is restored, it prevents bacteria from settling in the pores again and the chance of irritation is reduced.   

How can we best take care of our skin after a heavy workout session?   

A good way to cool off after a workout is a mist. Such a moisturizing spray often contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. The LOOkX Refresh lotion is a vitamin-rich lotion that you can easily put in a spray bottle for daily use.    
We know that drinking enough water during exercise is crucial for your body, but also for your skin. Therefore, always treat the skin after a sports session with a moisturizing cream and / or serum. This allows thirsty skin to hydrate instantly.

After work-out buddies

The LOOkX Moisture daycream and LOOkX Moisture serum are great 'after -workout' buddies.   
Just as you let your muscles relax after exercising, you also want to cool your skin. Heat can affect the skin's ability to recover. Use a cooling mask to restore the skin in a short time.

The LOOkX O2 Relax eye & face mask is the right choice. This breath of fresh air is exactly what your skin needs after a warm workout. It soothes, hydrates and promotes blood flow so that your skin recovers much faster and appears brand new.   

De LOOkX Derma skin polish pads are a real lifesaver if you suffer from blemished skin after exercise. The salicylic acid in this product helps prevent and treat pimples or blockages. Furthermore, the Niacinamide in this product ensures that the skin remains optimally hydrated and prevents the skin from drying out further.  

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