30 April 2024 - Skincare

Aging is accompanied by skin aging. Growing old beautifully seems like an art. But this is not so bad thanks to anti-aging...      

What is anti-aging? 

Did you know that "anti-aging" is a verb? Looking good is hard work. The use of botox, for example, unfortunately does not bring you to a long-term result and is therefore not an anti-aging solution. 

From what age to start with anti-aging? 

Due to (a combination of) different factors, skin aging occurs. 

Our hereditary predisposition determines, to a large extent, how we look later and plays a role in the development of wrinkles. This intrinsic (internal) skin aging is pre-programmed and is inevitable for every person. However, it is true that we also have an influence on the condition of our skin.   

In addition to hereditary factors, our environment also plays a major role in how our skin ages (extrinsic aging). Among other things, the sun, free radicals and nutrition influence the process. Skin aging starts from the twentieth year of life but only becomes visible between the 35th and 40th years of life. Start with pre-anti-aging for incipient skin aging and anti-aging for obvious signs of skin aging. 

Did you know that 80% of skin aging is caused by external factors such as lifestyle, diet, climate, wrong skin care and especially by the sun? 

What exactly will change in the skin?    

In aging skin, some changes in the structure and composition of the skin are visible and demonstrable. 

The epidermis is getting thinner and thinner. The cell renewal process slows down.The horny layer, on the other hand, may have thickened. The skin is more vulnerable to external damage. Because the skin barrier is disturbed, the skin becomes drier and dull.   

The dermis. Two important structures are decreasing in number and quality.   
- The amount of collagen reduces. Collagen is a part of the connective tissue and ensures firmness of the skin. Hyaluronic acid, a protein that is also part of the connective tissue will deminish.  
- The amount of elastin decreases, making the skin less stretchy and supple.   

Due to the reduction of  both collagen and elastin in the skin, the skin becomes weaker, less elastic and wrinkles and lines appears.

Anti-aging treatments 

(Anti-aging) Skin care products are indispensable in the fight against lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, a regular visit to a beauty salon and a healthy lifestyle are part of the process of maturing beautifully.   
So you have a lot of influence on the aging of your skin. Postpone the use of anti-aging products, you do this by protecting your skin daily against UV radiation, IR**, blue light** radiation and of course by using the right products during your (pre) anti-aging skincare routine. LOOkX is happy to help you.    

** radiation from heating, laptop, mobile phone and television. 

Which anti-aging crème? 

Retinol is one of the most powerful and recognized anti-aging ingredients. Retinol is an incredible "multitasker" it stimulates the connective tissue to produce collagen.

We took the ultimate anti-aging solution and made it even better! Second generation retinol provides a real anti-aging boost. Retinol2ndG cream provides even better anti-aging results, protecting and brightening the skin. This cream is a moisturizing, rich, nourishing anti-ageing care based on soothing shea butter with a radiant, optimally hydrated skin without fine lines as a result. 

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LOOkX Retinol2ndG Serum   

This powerful anti-aging serum with retinol can be used to increase your collagen production for firmer skin with fewer lines and wrinkles as a result. The latter is already visible immediately after application, thanks to the Direct Effect Wrinkle Minimizer ingredient mix. Your skin also becomes wonderfully soft, and the elasticity improves thanks to fatty acids and ceramide 3 from olives. 

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LOOkX Retinol2ndG Eye rescue   

Complete your anti-aging skincare routine with a rich eye cream: Retinol2ndG Eye rescue. The innovative blend of ingredients protects the delicate skin around your eyes from skin aging. Dark circles and puffyness are also tackled immediately. The effects are already visible directly after application and you will experience a lifting effect in the long term. 

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Note: The anti-aging ingredient retinol makes the skin more sensitive to UV-light. Always apply a layer of LOOkX Sun fluid SPF50 during the day after applying the LOOkX Retinol2ndG products to prevent premature aging caused by the sun. The texture is ultra-light, so barely noticeable.         

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What makes LOOkX products different from other make-up and skincare brands?
LOOkX focuses on combining high quality with innovative formulas that are both good for your skin and create a beautiful look. Our products are dermatologically tested and contain nourishing ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants. For more information about the story behind LOOkX, check this page!

Are LOOkX products cruelty-free?
Yes, LOOkX is a cruelty-free brand. We value ethical practices highly, and therefore our products are produced in a responsible and animal-friendly manner.

How can I extend the shelf life of LOOkX products?
To extend the shelf life of your LOOkX products, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Also, make sure to close the products tightly after use and avoid sharing makeup to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Does LOOkX offer international shipping?
Yes, LOOkX offers international shipping for customers worldwide. Shipping options and costs may vary depending on your location, so please check our shipping information on this page or contact our customer service for more details.