Best ideas for a fresh spring makeup look

08 April 2024 - Makeup
Best ideas for a fresh spring make-up lookAccording to insiders, bold blush, two-toned lipstick, and colorful eyeliners are the trends for the upcoming spring. On the runways of London, New York, and Milan, the vibrant pigments on makeup brushes were impossible to miss. And it turns out that swapping nude shades for colors like red, yellow, or pink looks less shocking than you might think. Many of our favorite makeup looks this season are refreshingly wearable - and certainly not just suitable for the runway.
1. Skinimalism

A fresh, radiant look is what we aim to achieve here, keeping our eye and lip makeup as natural as possible. A key product in achieving this look is for example the LOOkX Tinted lip serum Nude. The Tinted lip serum Nude is a multi-purpose product that combines the fine texture and nourishing ingredients with color. This tinted lip serum is a cross between a lip gloss and lip balm, providing light coverage and a glossy effect. Its melting texture feels like a glass of water for your lips, hydrating your dry & cracked lips in no time, perfect for a natural look!

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2. Rode gekte

In 2024, we will continue to embrace red hues enthusiastically, but darker shades are also welcomed. Lips, eyes, blush, nails - everything can be red in 2024. A perfect product to embrace this trend is the LOOkX Lipstick No. 87 Woman in red Matt. This highly pigmented lipstick combines all the benefits of a lip balm. The Lipstick offers optimal coverage, and is long-lasting without leaving a dry sensation. With just one application, your lips will be beautiful, soft, supple, and protected against skin aging.

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3. Glossy lippen

A red lip or a natural lipstick can be fun at times, but a glossy lip elevates every makeup look to the next level. Additionally, there are plenty of formulas available that not only plump but also contain hydrating properties, for example the LOOkX Lipgloss No. 31 Natural lady pearl: a non-sticky lip gloss that stays beautiful for up to 3 hours. The Lipgloss boasts an ultra-glossy finish and provides visually fuller lips thanks to added pearl pigments. With just one application, your lips will be beautiful, soft, supple, and protected against skin aging. This product is truly indispensable in this year's trend!

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Statement liner  

Our eyeliner can't get crazy enough. We've seen exaggeratedly long eyeliner, bold colors, and even 3D eyeliner, proving that the sky's the limit. The product that perfectly fits this trend is the LOOkX Exclusive Eyeliner No. 07 Deep black matte: it effortlessly creates a precise line or allows you to achieve smokey eyes in no time. The Exclusive Eyeliner has an extremely soft texture that provides full coverage in a single application, and you can immediately blend and smudge the eyeliner. Additionally, the formula is waterproof and stays flawless for a minimum of 14 hours without smudging.

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Soft glam  

The barely there look is all about subtle, glowy makeup, focusing on a beautiful highlighter, light eyeshadow, and a lip balm. Leave sparkles wherever you go with LOOkX Glamgirl highlighter. This powder with bronze-colored pigments gives you a beautiful fresh glow and accentuates your strong points. Additionally, it softens, hydrates, and protects your skin against aging.

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Blue is back

Blue eyeshadow, an icon from the 1980s, is now making a striking comeback. Whether you opt for a subtle blue shimmer or go all out with a blue eyeliner, the choice is yours. For this trend, the perfect product is the LOOkX Loose Eyeshadow Moonshimmer Blue: let yourself shine with this ultra-glittery loose eyeshadow powder. The Loose Eyeshadow Moonshimmer Blue draws attention to your eyes and can also be beautifully used on lips, cheeks, and other parts of the body. A glossy look is guaranteed!

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