Contouring, strobing & more

24 September 2022 - Makeup
Contouring, strobing & more

You've probably heard about these terms, it is all over the internet…But what does it mean?

They mean a beautiful smooth skin with ‘Blur’. To create a “photoshopped skin”: use a foundation that makes imperfections disappear and reflects light, this will make your skin look fresh, youthful and smooth. The LOOkX Silky touch foundation is a perfect “blur” product.

Combine different techniques with each other to create the perfect base for your makeup look. How to:  


Two to three contrasting shades of foundation and camouflage that you apply on your face and then blend with each other. You can create more “contours” with it, to give your face a stronger look, by accentuating your cheekbones for example. You can play with the strong and beautiful parts of your face by creating different depths, you are going to accentuate these. You can also fade the parts you don’t really like to put in the spotlights away to the background.

Shapen & strobing techniek

Use concealer/camouflage in combination with a dark and a light powder (highlighter)  for a more airy and natural way of contouring. We call this “shaping” & “strobing technique.

You always choose the concealer one shade lighter than your own skin tone with this, go for light when you normally have medium. Afterwards you use a powder that fits your skin. Opt for LOOkX Natural velvet mineral powder to shape if you have a medium tone.  Is your skin a little bit lighter? Go for the LOOkX Sun protector powder.


A highlighter gives you a beautiful fresh glow and can accentuate your best facial features. Apply the LOOkX Glamgirl highlighter with the LOOkX Powder brush or with the included applicator. LOOkX Loose eyeshadow moonshimmer Goldbrown is also a good product to highlight with... Glow & shine!

Where to apply highlighter?

  • on the bridge of the nose, to make your nose look slimmer.
  • on the cupid’s bow, to make your lips appear fuller.
  • on the cheekbones, for a beautiful fresh glow.
  • inside the inner corners of your eyes, for a bright look.
  • under the eyebrows, to make your eyes look bigger.
Tip: Make sure there is good lighting when you apply highlighter so you can see how bright your highlighter is.