Creating the perfect red lips

09 December 2022

Put on some red lipstick and live a little! You can complete every makeup look, day and night, with intense red lips. Create a seductive combination with these lipproducts:

Create perfect red lips by using LOOkX Velvet lipliner Rich ruby underneath your lipstick. This lip pencil has a soft pink shade which perfectly complements any shade of lipstick or lip gloss. The powdery texture prevents any feathering into the fine lines around the lips. 
Tip: Draw a cross (X) in the center of your upper lip to form the Cupid’s bow above your lips. Then draw a line around your lips and fill in your entire lip with the lip liner. 

LOOkX Lipsticks are cream-based, the formula contains an impressive 85% of natural ingredients such as castor oil, to keep your lips supple and prevent dryness.

An irresistible colour for a skin with a yellow (warm) undertone: LOOkX Lipstick No.87 Woman in red matt is a red lipstick with a warm undertone and a matte finish.

The perfect colour for a skin with a pink (cool) undertone: LOOkX Lipstick No.96 Cold red matt is a red lipstick with a cool undertone and a matte finish.

LOOkX Lipgloss No.15 Red rose pearl is the ideal colour to accentuate the red lipstick. Last but not least, apply lipgloss on top of the lipstick for the final touch to your kissable lips!
The product gives your lips a glossy finish and instantly volumised lips. The lipgloss is not sticky, provides a three hours weary and contains natural ingredients like vitamine E, a strong antioxidant that protects against  ageing.

Enjoy your weekend!