Damaged skin barrier

21 March 2023 - Skincare

A hot topic nowadays is the ‘skin barrier’. Before you can establish whether you have a healthy skin barrier or not and how you can keep it healthy, it’s important to know what the skin barrier exactly is. 
The skin barrier is the outside layer of your skin (epidermis). This layer is made up of dead skin cells, lipids, proteins, and grease that protect your skin against the environment. It protects against irritating substances, bacteria and allergies. Besides it retains moisture, so your skin stays hydrated. When your skin barrier is damaged it won’t work as good. This causes the bottom layers of your skin to be more vulnerable for the environment.  
When is your skin barrier damaged? 
To keep your skin barrier healthy, it’s important to know when it’s damaged. A damaged skin barrier had different characteristics. One is an irritated and red skin. Like eczema for example. This often goes together with an itchy and sensitive skin. Other characteristics are rosacea and infections/wounds that heal very slowly. A dry skin is also a sign. That’s because the skin won’t be able to retain moisture when the skin barrier is damaged. Hyperpigmentation is also something that can be cause by a damaged skin barrier. 
How does de skin barrier get damaged?  
Before you spend your money on products to repair your skin barrier you must know the cause. There are a few influences form the environment that can be the cause of an unhealthy skin barrier. The most occurring causes are: 
- Pollution 
- Wind 
- Sunlight 
- Smoking 
- A shortage of sleep 
- Stress 
- Overusing scrub/exfoliants 
How do you repair your skin barrier? 
A damaged skin barrier can be fixed by adjusting your skincare routine. Cleansers and exfoliants are important products but can also be damaging when you overuse those. It’s important that you know how often you can use these products. A product that’s good for repairing your skin barrier is a moisture cream, because the skin often has a shortage of moisture when the skin barrier is damaged. An SPF is also essential for protection against UV light.  
LOOkX Balance products 
LOOkX developed a special range to regain the balance of your skin. This product line consists of the Balance cream and the Balance oil. The Balance cream is suitable for every skin type (especially the sensitive skin) and has a detoxifying and calming formula. The cream regains the balance of your skin and ensures it stays that way. Besides LOOkX also developed the Balance oil. This oil has a calming, repairing, hydrating and anti/ageing effect. Just like the Balance cream it regains the balance of your skin and creates a shield on it. Your skin will be less sensitive for damaging influences form outside and stress from the inside.