Eye primer vs. topper

24 January 2024 - Makeup

An eye primer and an eye topper are two different products used for different purposes when applying eye makeup. But what are exactly the differences between these two eye products? 

Eye primer

An eye primer is applied before your eyeshadow. It acts as a base layer to make the eyeshadow last longer and intensify the colors. With an eye primer, your eyeshadow is evenly distributed, preventing it from settling into the fine lines of your eyelids. It also ensures that your eyeshadow stays in place all day, avoiding any fading or smudging. This way, you can enjoy your eyeshadow look even longer! The LOOkX Magic Glow primers can be used for these purposes and are therefore not the same as creamy eyeshadows, wich is often mistaken. A creamy eyeshadow is thicker and has more pigment. 

Eye topper

On the other hand, an eye topper is a shiny, glittering, or metallic product used to add extra dimension and sparkle to your eye look. It's usually applied over eyeshadow or eye primer and can be used on the entire eyelid or to accentuate specific areas of the eye. Eye toppers come in various colors and textures, creating a glamorous, festive look. Additionally, an eye topper serves as a fixative product. Applying it with a loose eyeshadow brush over your eye makeup gently ensures your eyeshadow stays in place even longer  



Did you know that you can also use the Multi-Purpose Diamond Finish to blend with your lipstick, powder, or lip serum? Give it a try and witness the glow! 

Let's summarize, an eye primer prepares the eyelid for eyeshadow application, while an eye topper adds extra shine or glitter to the eye look. Both products enhance your eye makeup but serve different purposes. 

P.S. Looking for more inspiration? Toppers and primers are really trendy on Instagram and TikTok!