Get summer ready with the LOOkX Summer collection

04 April 2024 - Makeup

Get summer ready with the LOOkX Summer collection 

As temperatures rise and days grow longer, it's time to give your makeup routine a summery touch. LOOkX invites you to dive into the newly curated summer collection, a range of premium products designed not only to enhance your beauty but also to care for your skin. With a combination of vibrant colors, long-lasting formulas, and skin-nourishing ingredients, this collection has everything you need for your ultimate summer look! 

Step 1: Radiant base 

Start your look with the LOOkX Magic glow primer for an unmistakable radiant glow this summer! This versatile primer can be mixed with your foundation or cream for an all-over radiant complexion. The primer with liquid-to-powder technology is waterproof, long-lasting (up to 16 hours), has nourishing, anti-aging properties, and is easy to use thanks to its compact packaging with an included brush.

With LOOkX Magic glow primer, you're ready to shine this summer with a beautiful glow and a long-lasting makeup look. 

Step 2: Vibrant eyes 

Make your eyes sparkle with LOOkX Eyeshadows in shades that resonate with the summer vibes. Think of the colors of the season: peachy and coral hues. Apply Eyeshadow No. 123 Sparkling Bubbles Pearl in the crease and outer part of your eyelid, Eyeshadow No. 122 Rose Quartz Pearl+ in the center of your eyelid, and Eyeshadow No. 126 Sand Pearl+ at the inner corner to create a beautiful look.

The highly pigmented formula of LOOkX Eyeshadows provides an ultra-shiny finish that stays perfect all day long. Moreover, the eyeshadow nourishes, hydrates, and rejuvenates your skin with built-in skincare. And with the convenient refill system of the packaging, you're not only kind to your own skin but also to the environment. 

Step 3: Voluminous lashes 

Make all your lash dreams come true with LOOkX Mascara ultra wear. This mascara offers an all-in-one solution for captivating eyes. Your lashes are treated to a natural curl, deep black color, glossy finish, and optimal separation, all without clumps. With its unique formula, this mascara also gives your lashes impressive volume while keeping them strong, healthy, and flexible throughout the day.

Pamper your lashes with the care they deserve and enjoy full, beautiful lashes and an irresistible look, even on the hottest summer days. With the water-resistant formula of this mascara, you're even protected against a little summer rain! 

Step 4: Sun-kissed glow 

The LOOkX Powder bronzer Duo blush from the collection provides a healthy, sunkissed skin. Apply the blush lightly on your cheeks for a summery flush. This clever blush offers two complementary colors that you can easily combine for the perfect shade. The formula hydrates and protects your skin, and can also be used as eyeshadow. 

Step 5: Radiant lips 

Complete your look with LOOkX Lipstick, a highly pigmented lipstick with the benefits of a lip balm. Your lips are instantly beautiful, soft, and protected against skin aging. This summer is all about trendy colors! If you're looking for an intense color, go for Lipstick No. 102 Coral Bouquet Matte. Prefer a more neutral look? Then Lipstick No. 29 Apricot Pearl+ is perfect for you. And for a combination of lip gloss and lip balm with light coverage and a glossy effect, choose Tinted lip serum Terra

The LOOkX Summer collection is more than just makeup; it's an invitation to express yourself while caring for your skin. With these steps, you effortlessly create a stunning summer look that both accentuates your beauty and protects your skin. Dive into the world of color, care, and innovation with LOOkX and make this summer your most radiant season ever.