New: Magic glow primer

30 January 2023 - Makeup
Meet the Magic glow primer

The new and improved version of the LOOkX Creamy eyeshadow. Same benefits but with an improved formula & new light texture. The (eyeshadow) primer is waterproof, longlasting (up to 16 hours), has a caring, anti-ageing effect and is easy to use. This product has a liquid to powder technology.

Maak jouw eyeshadow look longlasting + ga voor een stralende glow.

Let's make magic!Make your eyeshadow look longlasting + go for a radiant glow.

  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Highlighter
  • All over glow (mix a drop with your foundation or cream)

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Problem solver

The Magic glow primer has multiple functions. The product can solve your problems!

  • My eyeshadow doesn't stay put. Apply under eyeshadow for a longlasting look. You can also use the primer by itself.
  • My eyeshadow colours don’t show well. Apply Magic glow primer to the eyelids and on top of (powder) eyeshadow. The colours are not only more intense, but also last longer.
  • At the end of my day, my skin is dull. Go for an all over glow: mix a drop of Magic glow primer with foundation or cream for an extra fresh look.
  • I don't know how to emphasize my strengths. Very lightly apply a little Magic glow primer on the points where you normally apply your highlighter. Blend well.