Puffy eyes

08 September 2022 - Skincare

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Most people find puffy eyes annoying. As a skin expert, I do notice that many people confuse puffy eyes with dark circles. It might sound the same, but are completely different from one another. In this blog, I tell you all you need to know about puffy eyes.

What are puffy eyes?

Puffiness is actually a result of accumulation of fat or moisture underneath the skin. Fatty tissue acts as buffer when the eye moves in its socket. It could happen that the eye socket is too small for the eyeball, which cause the fatty tissue to be pushed outwards. This is genetically predetermined. If your mother or father has puffy eyes, then it is more likely that you will have the same problem.

What kinds of puffy eyes are out there?

Puffiness could be easy to treat, but then you must know what causes your puffy eyes. Is it an accumulation of moisture or fat under the eye?

Easy! Take a mirror and lay flat on your back. Raise the mirror so you can see yourself. Did the puffiness disappear? Then you have an accumulation of moisture which is easy to treat. If not, it is fatty tissue. You can't remove this with cosmetic products and could be removed surgically.

The skin around the eyes

Swelling under the eyes can occur due to slow blood circulation. It is important to improve this if you want to get rid of your puffy eyes. But, be careful! The skin around the eyes is very fragile and thin. Due to the lack of sebaceous glands, collagen- and elastin fibers around the eyes the aging process will be much faster in this area. Using an eye cream is no superfluous luxury.

How do I apply an eye cream?

The application of an eye product asks for an extra special technique. Do not apply the product on the eyelids, but only on the bony area around the eyes. Gently tap around the eyes until the product has been completely absorbed.

Reduce puffy eyes

Some ingredients can firm and increase resistance of the eye area.

Hesperidin, an extract from the skin of the mandarin, will improve circulation around the eye area to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. The LOOkX Retinol2ndG eye rescue contains encapsulated retinol and a unique cocktail of active ingredients including plant stem cell extracts. This product has a direct and long-lasting effect.

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LOOkX Founder