Pure Beauty Global Awards Finalist 2024!

12 April 2024 - Skincare

Pure Beauty Global Awards Finalist 2024! 

Exciting news! The LOOkX Reshaping neck & jaw cream has been nominated as a finalist at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2024! This is a tremendous honor and a true recognition of the quality of our effective product. 

About the Pure Beauty Global Awards  

The Pure Beauty Global Awards represent an annual highlight in the beauty industry, where the best and most innovative products from around the world are showcased. These awards are globally recognized as a benchmark for quality and effectiveness within the beauty sector. The judging criteria are stringent, and the upheld standards are exceptional! 

In the category of Best Skin Care Icon, the LOOkX Reshaping neck & jaw cream has caught attention as one of the most striking and iconic skincare products of all time that are available to purchase today. 

LOOkX Reshaping neck & jaw cream

Our LOOkX Reshaping neck & jaw cream is specially formulated to firm and tighten the skin of the neck and jawline. The cream has a gel-like texture that provides a refreshing and cooling effect, instantly brightening the skin upon application. 

Thanks to powerful ingredients, including evening primrose stem cell extract, the reshaping cream improves and strengthens the skin's elasticity. Along with the Double-Chin Reducing and Reshaping Active – a blend of extracts from the bird of paradise flower and elkhorn seaweed for a lifting effect – this cream effectively hydrates, lifts, and rejuvenates the skin. The result? 

  • 85% experiences fewer visible wrinkles  
  • 90% notices strengthened facial contours  
  • 90% feel the neck & décolleté area is softer  
  • 90% report firmer and smoother skin 
Celebrate with LOOkX! 

Let's celebrate together! You can shop our LOOkX Reshaping neck & jaw cream with 10% discount till April 30th! This is the perfect opportunity to experience the finalist product yourself and see why it's so special. Don't miss this chance and celebrate this milestone with us. Experience it for yourself! 

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