Stages of skin aging

05 January 2024 - Skincare

Aging is accompanied by skin aging. Growing old beautifully seems like an art. But it’s actually not that difficult .... Use our schedules to determine in which phase of skin aging your skin in and discover which products will suit you the best in each phase of your life. 

Due to (a combination of) different factors, skin aging occurs. Among other things, the sun, free radicals and nutrition influence the process. Skin aging starts from the twentieth year of life, but only really becomes visible between 35 and 40. The speed and extent to which the skin ages is partly determined by hereditary and partly by external factors. Your lifestyle plays an important role in skin aging. 

Fortunately, you also have influence on slowing down this process. You do this by protecting your skin daily against UV -, IR**-, blue light** radiation and of course by using the right products during your skincare routine. LOOkX is happy to help you.  
** radiation from your heating, laptop, telephone, and television.

How does normal skin aging occur?  
Your skin has to deal with both invisible and visible skin aging. In the schedule below we have roughly indicated which phases you can expect.   

Intrinsic skin aging (invisible)
The intrinsic skin aging is the decline in form and function due to changes recorded in the genes. These changes are inevitable. So, this is the biological aging that is pre-programmed.  

18 Reduction in hyaluronic acid production
25 Cell regeneration slows down 
35 Reduction of elasticity and cell renewal processes
45 Decline in collagen production
55 Hormonal influences 
Less repair of damages. 
Chronic inflammation
65+ Reduction of adipose tissue in hypodermis

Reduction in sebum production

Extrinsic skin aging (visible)

The extrinsic skin aging is caused by years of exposure to environmental factors. The skin forms the barrier with the outside world and is more exposed than any other organs to environmental factors. The skin is more sensitive to extrinsic aging than to intrinsic aging. The most important factor is the influence of UV rays on our skin.  

Age Effects Products
25 Fine lines Moisture products
25-35 Tired and dull skin

Deeper wrinkles

Expression lines
Youth Defense products
35-45 Pigmentation

Delicate skin
Sensitive skin
Retinol2ndG  / Youth defense products
45-55 Sagging of the skin
Drier skin
Slow repair 
Time stop / Retinol2ndG products
55-65+ Discolouration

Extreme dry skin

Fragile skin

Loss of volume
Retinol2ndG products

Late teenage years  
It is important to start using a hydrating product at a young age so that the formation of fine lines can be slowed down. Use the LOOkX Moisture daycream as day and night care from a young age. 
People in their twenties   
Around the age of 25, the first signs of aging may become visible. To slow down these processes in time, you can start in your mid-twenties with pre-anti-aging products. The LOOkX Youth defense cream trains your skin cells to stay active and react young for as long as possible.
In your thirties  
This is a good age to start with serums, ampoules or masks (if you haven't already used it). A serum is an ideal product to activate cell renewal and prevent the formation of discolorations on the skin. Use the LOOkX Youth defense serum every night under your night cream for the ultimate protection of the youthfulness of your skin. 
In your forties to late fifties  
Roughness, dryness, hyperpigmentation and the risk of skin infection may increase. A decrease in blood circulation can make the skin less radiant. LOOkX Time stopcream and  LOOkX Retinol2ndG products provide a firmer and beautifully radiant skin.  
The skin now mainly needs repair. The  LOOkX Retinol2ndG products focus on repairing and restoring damage to the skin.