Vegan and vegetarian cosmetics

07 september 2022 - Makeup , Skincare

Animals are our friends, not our guinea-pigs! We are 100% vegetarian and have a wide range of vegan products. But what does it mean exactly and what is the difference between vegan and vegetarian cosmetics? 



You might have seen it already, but all our product pages contain a ‘vegan’ or ‘100% vegetarian’ button. These buttons are not only useful for vegans or vegetarians, but also for making an informed decision about a product and the ingredients.

Vegetarian cosmetics

A product is vegetarian when it does not contain ingredients of animals for which the animals have been killed. But it could contain ingredients which are produced by an animal, like beeswax, lactic acid and water honey. On the other hand, a vegetarian product is not automatically cruelty-free

Vegan cosmetics

A product is vegan when it does not contain any ingredient derived from animals. But also here, a vegan product is not automatically cruelty-free. We are 100% vegetarian and 96% (working towards 100%) of our products are vegan.

LOOkX = cruelty-free

Imagine the surprise when we realized we were a trendsetter without knowing or trying! Everything clean beauty stands for has always been at the core of LOOkX: animal testing was always a no-go. Cindy van der Peet, CEO at LOOkX, is the greatest animal lover there is, and wouldn’t harm a fly.