What to do when you have dry and chapped lips?

08 September 2022 - Makeup

A dry feeling, flaky, chapped or cracked lips certainly don't give you a nice feeling. Your lips are very sensitive and the cold wind & heater are disastrous for your lips during winter. 

Not only does it feel unpleasant, but your lips also look less beautiful because of it. Therefore, protect them well with a caring lip product, so you can also enjoy beautifully coloured lips during winter time.

How you can have more fun with your lipstick or lipgloss: 
  • Drink enough water! By hydrating your body well, your lips are less likely to dry out. 
  • Exfoliate your lips by gently rubbing them with a soft toothbrush. This way you remove them of dead skin cells and they feel wonderfully soft again. 
  • The lipsticks and lipglosses of LOOkX are rich in natural ingredients. These will care for the lips and keep them soft and hydrated. Make sure you always have a LOOkX Lipstick or Lipgloss with you to keep your lips hydrated and prevent flaky or cracked lips. 
  • In general, a lipgloss with a somewhat thicker texture lasts longer than one with a light texture. LOOkX Lipgloss feels comfortably light, yet stays in place for up to three hours, longer than the average lipgloss. 
  • Apply your lipgloss on top of the lipstick for an intenser colour. Your lipstick acts as a primer for the gloss for a long-lasting effect. Tip: Apply a powder over the lipstick before applying the gloss, so it stays put all day long.      
  • Lipstick and lipgloss can be applied best with the LOOkX Lip brush, unless it is equipped with a smart applicator, such as the lipgloss from LOOkX. It delivers the right dose of product and follows the contours of the lips, making re-applying easy and fast. 
  • Are you unsure about the colour? If you choose one that's one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour, you will always have the perfect match. Of course, that does not mean that other colours would not suit you. Try them all! 

Tips: what you shouldn't do 
  • Je droge lippen natmaken met je tong. Het voelt misschien voor een hele korte tijd minder droog aan, maar droogt je lippen eigenlijk verder uit. 
  • Trek niet aan velletjes of korstjes, zo beschadig je je lippen namelijk alleen maar verder.