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Our global presence is growing rapidly. Are you interested in representing LOOkX for your country? We are always open to talk. For more information, please send an e-mail 

About LOOkX 
LOOkX is the life’s work of Cindy van der Peet. This Dutch clean beauty brand has grown from a local loved and trusted favorite to a hot global brand. For fans around the world, it combines Dutch design with Italian beauty and Swiss science.  

Skincare and makeupthat help your skin 
LOOkX Skincarepampers your skin. LOOkX is unique in her high percentages of active ingredients, among which LOOkX magic ingredient of the future, plant stem cells. They make sure that the way your skin works (or doesn’t work well enough) actually changes and improves.  
If, after taking great care of your skin, you put on make-up that clogs your pores, irritates and suffocates your skin – all your good work goes to waste. What a shame! So what makes more sense, Cindy thought, than to create a full line of makeup with built-in skincare. LOOkX caring makeup actually fortifies  the results of LOOkX skincare, making 1+1=3. Besides that, it goes without saying that the LOOkX makeup line consists of the most beautiful products with great textures, colours and ease of use besides having protecting, caring and anti-ageing properties  

Smart beauty
We make smart products for smart women. That’s why we use the term Smart beauty. Our products are smart for several reasons. One being that we increase the effectiveness of natural ingredients in our lab by applying LOOkX Skin science. Another smart feature: many of our products are both multi-purpose and hybrid.  

Clean beauty
LOOkX is part of the Clean beauty segment. Clean beauty means, among other things, that products are free of unsafe ingredients. They are not tested on animals, and are produced sustainably. LOOkX is safe for the skin, we never use harmful ingredients. We are transparent. Our lab carries the ECOCERT label, issued by one of the most renowned and respected organic certification institutions.    

Skin science
LOOkX Skin sciencecombines the most innovative lab techniques with the power of nature. Most important result: the effect will be up to 50% stronger than what we are used to! 

CEO Cindy 
LOOkX was founded in 1999. End of a millennium, start of a new era of clean & smart beauty. We’ve been able to build on 20 years of experience. From a young woman’s dream in small town in The Netherlands, we grew to a global brand. It’s sold by hundreds of professionals and dermatologists and through e-commerce in 11 countries (and counting) 
For you, this means you can count on 20 years of expertise and result. The fact that salons who started working with us right from the start, still do so, says it all. In their words: “Honestly? Ofcourse we’ve shopped around. But there’s just nothing out there as good as LOOkX”.

LOOkX in your country 
LOOkX offers you, beauty professional/distributor/agent, the opportunity to represent LOOkX Skincare and Make up in your country. Just reach out and we’ll talk.  

Send your email to Always happy to hear from you!